//Kami the toaster-dog's journal of doom**
Holy hell I've been gone for a while
Is anybody still here?

Yeah tumblr kind of sucked me up


I finally really really got my own webcomic going


It's so much fun! I generally finish a page .5 seconds before I upload it (which is to say, I'm unable to ever create a buffer) and stay awake for 24h+ to make it, but yay!
I have an awesome author called Tori who not only helps me write the stuff, but also is keeping me sane XD

Yeah and I got my dog! He's awesome! A year old now already 8'D

oh, and I still play WoW, my Gartenfreunde kinda fell apart, but I am now an officer in one of the oldest guilds on the server and we raid hardmodes! Whoop!

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One of my biggest dreams is about to come true.

I'm getting a dog!!


I still can't believe it =3=
Sometime end of february the puppies will be born and then about 8 weeks later I can take my doggie home T3T
*cries tears of joy*

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Soo, now it's official:

I've caught the Hetalia-bug

what can a girl do? *shrug*

The only thing that's cuter is ChibiItalia and HRE <3<3<3<3

already ordered the Gakuen-PSP Game XD and a ChibiIta/HRE Doujinshi.

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oh yes, come and join me

and I just might post stuff there more often!


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Squee-post full of squee-ness.
Attention, acute fangirling ahead
I've not really fangirled about anything in quite a while, something which I found rather sad, in fact. Seeing everyone squeeing and being happy about their favorite whatever and me just not finding anything that...clicked with me.
The object of my fangirlishness it's not a movie, it's not a tv show, it's not even a book...
It's humon's secret agent characters 250 & 300!!

I ADORE these characters.

You can say about humon what you want; I'll be honest and say that up till now I wasn't too fond of her art either, that soft brush she's been using ever since...EVER rubs me all kinds of wrong ways and her subjects used to be a little too...weird for my tastes.
Lately though, with her Scandinavia an the World comics (which are, kind of a de-mangafied and modernized Hetalia) she has shown some really great skill at creating characters and making them come alive in her comics.
Now, 300 and 250 belong to her Niels universe.
Niels is the token bad guy and it's around him that many many characters were developed, including one agent 300 who was there to keep an eye on him (I think O_o)
Then 250 came into the picture, actually created more or less only for one comic strip, and only to show how oblivious 300 is to all kinds of flirtations towards him.
By now 250 has his own complete backstory and together with 300 they're
The reasons:
#1 They're two middle-aged men who just happen to work together and fall in love with each other (I'm such a sucker for these kinds of stories *3*)
#2 Agent 300 is from Scotland!!
#3 They're secret agents and often wear suits 8'D
#4 250 is openly gay, but far from any kind of clichee >3< cute!


They make me want to draw fanart *_* <3 such a wonderful feeling, that I've missed for so long~

I even wish I could draw an entire fan-comic/manga about them (like, the awesome, action (and fluffy cuteness) filled adventures they partake in their daily secret work)
(at the same time I'm totally stumped by the sheer popularity of their creator, honorable humon...)




her comics for your viewing pleasureCollapse )

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workman's woes
So yeah here goes my little ramble for today:

You might remember the cat project

by now it's finished, and everything's cool. Almost.

Last saturday happened to be my uncle's 50th birthday and me and the Informatiker spent last week in Bayern with him.
I told this to our project leader. Twice.
He still forgot to tell the Boss about it, before leaving not only the country, but also the company. -.-

So today I get a call from my Boss telling me how this project didn't go too well, bad communication overall, and with me in particular since, for some reason he just couldn't get a hold of me for the last few days!

Allright, I tell him about my being away and having told the managerguy. I'm a bit miffed about this, but also know that even before the birthday-holiday I wasn't ALWAYS 100% online during daytime/worktime(PC didn't like the heat, so I worked primarily at night), but okay, yeah, I get it.

THEN he goes on to drop the bomb
poor poor overworked programmerguy had to do SO many graphics all by his poor lonesome, because I just didn't seem to ever deliver the stuff he so desperately needed.
Call me forgetful, call me slow, call me fucking unorganized and lazy, but I'll be DAMMNED if I didn't ALWAYS send him EVERYTHING that was on the to-do list I got.

You can't fucking ask to have something in your inbox YESTERDAY, if you don't tell ANYONE you need it!


But you know what's the best thing about it? -.-
Now he's asking to get more than his agreed upon 1/3rd of the 2k that we as a group of 3 are gonna get.
Because he had to do SO MUCH FUCKING WORK
Honestly, the guy did work a lot, but SHIT SHERLOCK
You can't just go ahead and do more work than what was agreed on AND THEN ASK TO BE PAYED EXTRA FOR IT!!

-__- I seriously don't give a fuck about the money I get, whether I get my 1/3rd or less because some of my share goes to him, but I can't fucking stand it when somebody starts getting their panties in a knot because of oh god all the stuff I didn't do and they just had to do SO much extra work, when really they just did everything the customer asked for, without ever giving a thought to the fact, that the project was supposed to go on only for 4 weeks and now it's been going for 8.

NOT MY FUCKING PROBLEM, but still arrghhh. So angry.

What is it with this company and all the psycho programmers?!

fun fact: said programmer applied to my boyfriends company before ending up in mine and THEY TURNED HIM DOWN, BECAUSE while being pretty good at programming HE'S A HYPOCRITICAL SISSY OF A MAN.


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Sooooo...it's friday, and instead of working I'm drawing MGS porn!

Glitter Text Maker

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Seems like the cosplay-bug is going 'round and guess what, I've SO caught it :D

I'm gonna do Priest T5! Oh yeah ^_^

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Hello again!
I am out of work again... -.-

Finally it had worked out, that I was really HIRED by that small games company I did my internship in, and I got the amazing amount of 400€ per month!
That's so much, you don't even have to pay taxes.

Still, I wasn't complaining, rather the opposite, having worked for free for so long now...

but after only three months it's over again

the company's out of money, and (finally?) they're doing the only right thing: kicking everyone out, but the programmer (who is all new and talented, unlike the two who came before!)

At the moment though, I'm still working there on a different project, something for a customer: a team of vets for cats who want somekind of cat tamagotchi for their website

So now I'm animating cats ^^

which is FUN! :D

but in 2 weeks or so, I'm really really out of work.

I'm thinking about taking a little time off (yeah, yeah, I'm one lucky ass. My beloved Informatiker earns enough money for the two of us...) and using that time to do some manga drawing and maybe also finally starting that game project I've dreamed of for so long: a real creepyass horrorgame for the iPad.

also I'm getting back into drawing for myself :3 it feels nice.

possibly the first short story I want to draw 83

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Ein weiterer Eintrag auf Deutsch, schlechte Angewohnheit, die ich mir da zulege...

Wie auch immer!

Coel und ich überlegen ob wir auf unserem WoW Server Frostmourne eine eigene Gilde aufmachen sollen. Die meisten anderen Gilden sind entweder omgteh1337raidzOrz-Gilden oder haben Namen wie "Da milch ich drauf" (wtf o_O gestern echt gesehen).

Unsere Gilde sollte einen Namen haben, den man mit Stolz unterm Charakternamen tragen kann!

Und wir wollen eine nette Gilde werden. Leute allen Levels aufnehmen, Newbies, Noobs, Twinks, Leute die wenig Zeit haben, Leute mit zu viel Zeit, so ziemlich jeden, außer er/sie ist ein Arschkeks.

An Raiden ist wohl erstmal noch nicht wirklich zu denken, zumindest nicht rein Gildenintern, aber hey, selbst wenn man nur zu 3. oder so ist, kann man die restlichen Plätze mit Randoms füllen, das klappt oft erstaunlich gut. Ist zwar weniger nett, aber immerhin geraidet ^^
Gemeinsame 5-er Instanzen, Battlegrounds, zusammen Questen, oder einfach nur unterm Picknickschirm in Ogrimmar sitzen und sinnloses Zeug labern.

Hachja, so eine Gilde soll das werden.

Nur wie nennen?
Ich bin ja absoluter Namens-fetischist und grundsätzlich mit nix zufrieden, außer es ist ~PERFEKT~

Hier mal ein paar Ideen:

*Irgendwas mit -wölfe; Steppenwölfe, Eisenwölfe, Waldundwiesenwölfe
Wölfe kommen immer gut

*Gartenfreunde; für Leute die ihre kleinen Pflanzenpets mögen

*Zirkel des Zwielichts; kam eben aus einem Generator

*Klingen der Kokosnuss; haha

Ja und ja.

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Heey all you Prof. Layton and Phoenix Wright fans


Maaaan, it's fall!
Yeah, and I haven't updated in ages.

So here it goes.

Last week I was in Norway with my fiancee and his family. It was awesomecakes!!
The landscape is REALLY beautiful, all rock and wild woods and such 8D
Made me want to draw a Manga featuring lots of woods and spooky castles XD
Oh, and I caught fish!
Some of you may know that I'm a vegetarian (since late August or so XD; ), but I decided that catching your own fish, completely fairly, just you, the fishing pole and the fish, is pretty a-okay.
Hilariously, of all those weathered fishermen/women of the family, I the rookie, caught the most fish XD Which still weren't many, only 5.
But angling is quite fun :3 and fresh fish is ~tasty~ (especially Macarell <3 yummm!)

I have to say it again: IT'S FALL! I LOVE FALL! I love the cold seasons!
Yay for scarves, hats and gloves!
Speaking of hats, I bought the cutest owl-hat (or as I like to call it: The Uhut, hurr hurr hurr)! Can't find (or take) a picture right now, derrp.

And wow, University's over.
That was like...fast.
Right now I'm doing an internship at Game-San !
They're a bunch of awesome people and awesomely, I've got the chance to get a job there, once the internship is over.
Which means MONEY~
Won't be a full-time job, but I'm actually perfectly fine with that. 3 days a week (as it is now) is just right.

Btw, did you notice that it's 7am and I'm AWAKE.
I woke up at about 5:30.
This is strange.

We're finally LIVING in our new flat.
And we have a ;coffee machine!

awake awake
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Long time no entry!

Lots of stuff happened!!

I am now in posession of a Bachelor of Arts! (except not really, because I still have to re-do that internship)
They gave our project a 1.3 (A-), which is not too bad, considering our profs were somewhat strict.

Sooo omg now I have to go and find a job o_O; At least it'll be totally okay for me to do an internship first, because I have to do that anyway 8D;; so yeah.
I need to think up a design for my online portfolio, so I can finally start sending out some applications. (that damn design is what's been keeping me from already applying)

Some other major news:
the Informatiker sprung the question and now we're ENGAGED <3<3<3<3
hee hee hee *girlish giggling*

Already ordered rings and all 8D they're gorgeous gold rings, very simple and classic design (basicially no design at all XD just simple rings) with a matte finish!
They're ready for us to pick 'em up, but we're currently staying in Bayern with my family, so that'll have to wait another week *is all excited*
(but no, we do not have a set date for our wedding or anything, we'll see about that when we have the time)

Now, not nearly as awesome, put still pretty nice news

*I just got a mail from Blizzard, telling me I'm in the Cataclysm Beta! WHOO! :D

*my cousin cut my hair and now I look like Jogi Löw, haha

*same cousin owns a bunny which she doesn't want anymore, so maybe maybe the Informatiker and me will take her in, once we've got our own place :D
Here's a photo of her lying on my lapCollapse )

*This year I'm finally doing my first cosplay! :D I'll go to the GamesCom in Cologne as Male High Priest!

lookieCollapse )

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hellooooo all you loveley people.

I come bearing something!

The first beta testing version of our bachelor project was just finished!

Now I have a favor to ask of you, it'd be so totally awesome if you could download it, give it a try and then write a short comment about it.

What we're interested in most is whether or not our story and puzzles work.
Of course you can comment on every other aspect as well, if you find something strange or also if you like something~

Here's a list of stuff that we know is missing and will add within this week (5th july is when we have to hand it in 8D;; )

...dern it, I just realized it doesn't make any sense to explain all this in English, since the game is in German anyway...*headdesk*

Ookay, also dann für die die Deutsch sprechen:

*gesprochener Text des Hauptcharakters wird auch noch über seinem Kopf angezeigt werden
*gesprochene Texte werden überspringbar werden
*Startmenü und Menü im Spiel wird noch eingebaut werden, mit der Möglichkeit den Sound ein und auszuschalten (auch Musik und Sprache einzeln)
*Vollbild wird funktionieren
*dass sich der Bildausschnitt beim Fenster größer und kleiner ziehen so komisch verändert wird auch noch abgeschaltet
*der Hauptcharakter wird noch eine richtige Idle Animation bekommen und auch eine Sprech Animation
*Der Oktopus wird bunt! (yeah, es kommt ein Oktopus vor!)
*ein Icon!
*Intro wird auch noch Musikalisch hinterlegt
*man wird nicht mehr durch den Brunnen laufen können
*diverse Fehler beim Rumlaufen die zu Abstürzen führen werden behoben
*mehr fällt mir im Moment nicht ein

also es wäre uns WIRKLICH eine enorme Hilfe, wenn ihr das machen würdet.
Selbst wenn ihr nur "ich finds okay" sagt

hier ist der link:



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Tons of new stuff!!


chipper chipper
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oh hey hey
just a short message, in case you're interested:

I'm currently doing my bachelor work (together with nepii and the Informatiker (♥) and here's what we've got so far:


we're doing a 2D Point&Click (think Monkey Island) in Flash AS3

as per usual
I did the characters+animation
nepii did the background
the Informatiker did the programming

After weeks of doldrums we're finally getting somewhere! *scurries off to work*

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Doofe Sache, das.
Heute mal auf Deutsch.

Ich komm' grad vom Psychologen und fühl' mich irgendwie nicht gut.

Und weil ich 'ne Angstwurst bin, und irgendwie mit keinem gezielt darüber reden kann, sage ich's jetzt einfach mal der breiten Öffentlichkeit:

Depressionen und Soziale Phobien sind echt kacke.

Und ich hänge die ganze Zeit zwischen dem Bedürfnis mit irgendwem darüber zu reden (hilfe, hilfe) und der Angst davor, dass ich den Leuten zu anstrengend und stressig werde.

Das nennt man dann wohl ne "Depressive Phase" durch die ich gerade gehe...

Der Arzt hat mir ein neues Medikament verschrieben und irgendwie macht's die Aussicht auf die ganzen Komplikationen und Nebenwirkungen nicht gerade besser.

Andererseits kann's so wie jetzt auch nicht weitergehen...ich bin so antriebslos und andauernd kurz vor'm Heulen.
Und ich hab das Gefühl, ich hab mein "Feuer" für's Zeichnen verloren, und das war bis vor nicht allzu langer Zeit immer das einzige was mir wirklich was bedeutet hat in meinem Leben.
An sich sollte da ja die Verhaltenstherapie helfen, die ich mache, aber mein Therapeut ist ein Sack und zeigt mir nur immer die ganzen Fehler an mir auf. Er hat ja Recht mit allem was er sagt, aber Hoffnung und Ansporn zur Besserung gibt mir das irgendwie nicht...

*Luft raus*

depressed depressed
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So I spent the night working for our university project

and still feel like I've been all lazy.



Look at these funny pics of me and my Informatiker as cats


I REALLY need to get a job.
Why does this have to be so complicated? *wearysigh*

Least I can look forward to meeting the Informatiker tomorrow evening! <3<3<3

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oh yeah~

Today I got an email telling me that the picture I drew for the TF2 Propaganda Contest was selected as Runner-Up!

lookie here


Now I get an item on TF2.
Only problem is, while I do HAVE TF2 and a steam acc, I can't actually PLAY it because I get sick from the quick camera movements.

But since I'm a really nice person, I'm offering whatever awesome item they give to the Runner-Ups to someone who comments here with a link to their Steam profile (that's what I have to send to the Valve guy, nothing more)

In university news,
I completely forgot to sign up for this years informatics(computer science) examn.
May have to do with the fact that 80% of my time lately is spent on my Mr. Awesomepants' couch, playing BRAWL or WoW.
Now guess who also forgot to sign up?

MMO news:
I really want to try AION. Mostly for the character creation, and also to see what all the fuzz is about.
But since they're not offering any trial accounts or something, I WON'T! *shrug*

I got a goddamn [BATTERED HILT] in WoW!
It dropped off one of the ghostly guys in Halls of Reflection 8'D

Casstir in all his awesomeness

Btw, I kind of HATE all the T10 stuff o_O it's ugly. Especially the crap you get for Frost Emblems. *baww*

Travel news:
Me, my family and my Informatiker are going to go to Lisboa for a week!

RL news:
I need to find a job.

And finally, a request
can someone point me in the direction of some way of testing ART RAGE?
I saw it some time ago in our local electronics dealer, but wasn't sure about buying it yet.

chipper chipper
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